This role is based in our Shenzhen Office and in charge of Engineer & R&D  team. The main responsibilities include:

Responsible for the R&D and management, of new medical device products and technologies. Including software and hardware implementation as well as mechanical structure realization.
Responsible for participating in and organizing, the process of product development and implementation of new product design; calculation, standards, and other R&D documents.
Oversee the progress of product development to ensure delivery on time including management of other R&D tasks.
Responsible for the quality of products. Propose suggestions for all areas of improvement, especially that of product development. Organization of new product patents and product certification application. Including that of new regulations and ensuring new products meet the requirements of overseas markets.
Responsible for the development phase, inclusive of the design, source of materials and standardization of work.
Discuss design and mold with manufacturers, coordinate production, guide assembly and solve problems encountered in mass production.
Responsible for testing and evaluation of competitor products.
Complete other tasks assigned by the general manager.

Full-time bachelor degree or above with specialization in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration or other related professions is must.
5 years of product development experience with 3 years of R&D team management. Ideally within the medical or rehabilitation equipment industry.
Experience in product planning, management, and building research and development systems.
Familiar with budget and production management, including interdepartmental relations.
Proficient in mechanical principles, mechanical parts, sports modules, pneumatic or electric modules.

Personal requirements include being honest, good character and dedication, highly responsible with professional ethics. Have great enthusiasm for the work, able to withstand pressure and overcome challenges.


This role is based in our Shenzhen Office. The main responsibilities include:

Responsible for market research, demand analysis, product opportunity discovery, product function design and interaction design of smart folding electric vehicles.
Participate in all aspects of the product life cycle, from the initial concept design to the aftersale user feedback collection. Involved with product planning hardware and software functions, analysis of user scenarios and pain points, output product specifications.
Complete product planning, prototype, product flow and interaction design. Including defining, designing, advancing and completing the writing of requirement documents.
Discuss with structural engineers and industrial designers, in accordance with product design and planning to complete the design progress.
Pay attention to the data of the product and carry out the analysis, continuous improvement and optimization of the existing product functions.

Bachelor degree or above, more than three years of product manager experience, intelligent electronic products or medical device products. 3 years of relevant, professional work experience.
Familiar with the product development process, the ability to independently develop product definition manuals, development, product and other stages of the implementation plan.
Enthusiasm and long-term commitments, proactive work ethic with strong execution.
Good at analyzing industry trends and market dynamics, with keen business sense and unique product insights.
Familiar with the overall realization process and life cycle of intelligent hardware products, including market research, product planning and design.