“Make your own rules, make your own path. ”

Marie Dawsett, 31


Camping with the family

Exploring quiet towns



My first mobility scooter made me feel old, I didn’t like the size of it. Even though it could be disassembled, it took up too much space in the car. If we went anywhere we had to make sure to leave space in the back. After using the RELYNC R1 for a few weeks, we don’t even notice it when it’s folded. It’s there when we need it, even when camping, it’s so easy to fold and open in only a few steps. The best thing is, it’s so lightweight that we can carry it wherever we want. The ability to do the things we love, is a huge weight off our shoulders.

Favourite Features:

Compact Size

The Sleek Design

Speed of Folding


36v Charger

Auto-Speed Manager

30km Distance

Pain points:

Standing for long periods

Walking without pause

Inefficient to travel