“Retire life is not the end, it is the beginning of a new adventure.”

Clive and Julia Browning, 66 & 63


Spending time with grandchildren

Watching documentaries

Visiting friends


Our daughter told us about the RELYNC after she saw a video online. We thought it was great, not only could we drive around, but we can just fold it and walk up stairs. Not everything was built with ramps and lifts, now you don’t have to park it outside and worry. Even if you do, you  can check on the phone where it is, if you forgot to lock it just tap the screen to fix it. One of the things we love about it, is it tells us where to go. I just choose a location and the lights on the dashboard direct me.

Favourite Features:

Compact Size

Navigation System

Charging Speed



Auto-Speed Manager

App Interface

Pain points:

Walking long periods of time

Unreliable sight

Weak knees and hips